Integrated Sink

Integrated Sink
The integrated sink is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that integrates sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and other functions in one.
The integrated sink design ideas incorporate the new concept of modern kitchenware and home appliances integration, making the kitchen combination more harmonious, more humane, and more reasonable in space utilization. Utilize the excellent performance of its various products to provide you with more comfortable and modern feelings.

1. Exquisite handmade sink

The integrated sink is equipped with an exquisite hand-made sink, which has all the functions of a sink, and is available in brushed primary colors and nano black.

2. 6 sets of dishwashers

The integrated sink is equipped with a dishwasher suitable for 6 sets of tableware, which can easily wash all the tableware used by a family at one time.

3. Garbage disposer (optional)

The integrated sink can be installed with a high-performance waste disposer, which can easily dispose of kitchen food waste generated in the kitchen, making the kitchen much cleaner.
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