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Torva Story

Our Company

Torva officially entered the kitchenware market in 2017. Our goal is to create and provide utility, cheap, high-quality and beautiful kitchen utensils to every customer. Let them build own style kitchen.

Our Technology

We have a professional R&D team to create new products. Our nanotechnology leads the market for sinks, and multifunctional sinks will be launched soon.

Our Facilities

We have mature and high-tech workshops and warehouses. We are willing to take responsibility for each product and ensure that they are complete and high-quality.

We are committed to improving everyday life and protecting the environment in which we live. From innovative ideas to carefully crafted products with universal appeal, we never stop working to bring you the very best. Our dedication to sustainability includes the use of ultra-efficient components and highly hygienic, easy-to-clean materials that minimize environmental impact.

We concentrate on the quality and package of each product, to ensure that the product customer receive is complete and undamaged. All our products are made of the premium 304 stainless steel, to extend the product lifetime.

Our modern and practical style is suitable for modern aesthetics. Each product has been delicately designed to achieve the maximum in beauty and utility. Our black nano coating leads the market

All products are life-time warranty. If customers have any questions, they can contact via email. We will reply to the email quickly and provide you with satisfactory service.

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